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Yellow & Green Handmade African Basket / Ugandan Basket / Woven Basket

Yellow & Green Handmade African Basket / Ugandan Basket / Woven Basket

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Beautifully made entirely from banana leaves, these baskets take hours to skillfully craft, but the end product is absolutely gorgeous.

This basket comes with a loop to hang it on the wall. Use to hold fruit, baby toys, or hang on a wall to add color to your room. Do not submerge in water. If needed, wipe with damp cloth to clean.

Size: 11" diameter

We Support The Artist

By purchasing this basket, you will be supporting the generous woman who made it. Her name is Nampina Chritine Lubaale. 75% of proceeds will go directly to Lubaale, and the remaining 25% will go directly to World For Life, the organization that handles her products.

The baskets are made from the local banana leaves of the Kamuli district in Uganda, and the colors are made locally by cooking various plant roots, leaves, and seeds, mixed with ash to get the perfect color.

These are not just baskets from Uganda, they are gifts of love.

During my visit to Uganda in February 2022, a woman I never met heard that I was coming, and because of my connection with her people, she made several baskets for me. When I heard part of her story, I was overwhelmed. She does this for so many people and out of the kindness in her heart, expecting nothing in return, she just wants to bless people. Now, I want to bless her for the blessing she has been to so many people.

How are the baskets made?

Basket weaving begins with selecting the perfect banana leaves for the perfect basket. The leaves are manually cut, cleaned, dried, soaked for softness and flexibility for the weaving process.

Using tools such as an awl, scissors, sharp knife, and large needle, the primary node is made to underpin the whole basket, which makes it durable and consistent in shape. Fibre is inserted into the node with the awl and bound leaves. As the basket begins to take shape, starting from the center and spiraling out, every three to four loops are followed by a node linked by the previous one. This process is repeated several times until the basket is completed.

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*This product supports our Think Twice Project Policy on Earth friendly products that states we do our best to keep unnecessary waste to an extreme minimal, and to make and remake products with natural elements or reclaimed resources

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