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"Strength of a Moose" Soft Pastel Art Print

"Strength of a Moose" Soft Pastel Art Print

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Picture this adventurous fellow wandering the halls of your home. Or maybe just one hall, in a bedroom, in a library, or in your cozy little office space. Bring out the wonder of nature in your living space.

About this art print:

This can be printed on either matte stock paper, linen stock paper, or semi-gloss stock paper. My personal favorite is matte stock, I just like the way it looks. But, you can't go wrong with semi-gloss or linen!

Your quality print will have a half inch margin.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an art print, not original. 

See the available sizes. If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to ask! 

Why did I call it "Strength of a Moose"?

Each art piece I create has meaning or a story. This drawing was inspired by the strength and stability I saw in this beautiful animal. A moose is a wild and fierce creature, but in the moments he is calm, you don't realize how mighty he is.

My reflection: You are stronger than you realize.
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